About Us
Ladle & Larder is a small independent business based in South London which is passionate about producing top quality handmade preserves.
The story begins with me, Carrie Carder, trying to figure out what to buy friends & family for Christmas. After trawling the web, I settled on the idea of gift hampers but decided that with my love for cooking I would make them more personal and create my own tailored hampers. Ladle & Larder's chutneys were born...

The amount of positive feedback I received after Christmas was incredible, so much so, that I was getting regular requests to jar up some more! It became evident very quickly that I had stumbled across my calling, I had found something where I could combine my passion for cooking and turn it into a realistic business proposition. It was time to run with it!!

Our range of award winning handmade chutneys offer unique flavours which can really pack a punch or soothe the palate with light, sweet tones. All products are cooked in small batches and are produced using only the freshest produce and free from additives and preservatives to ensure the highest quality.